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Impending US exit from Paris Agreement a severe backwards move

1st June 2017

President Trump’s announcement expected in the White House Rose Garden today that the US will pull out of the Paris Agreement will be a severe backwards move and an abrogation of its responsibility as the world’s second largest emitter.   The US move comes at a time when more, not less, commitment is needed from all governments to avert the worst impacts of climate change.

While this move is likely to have a limited effect on US emissions in the short term, the effect of the US withdrawal will be felt globally.

The Paris Agreement’s signatories – including the leaders of the other six of the G7 governments – have confirmed their commitment to implementing the Agreement.  Other national governments and regions are already taking up a climate leadership role – including the State of California – and, according to our latest analysis, China and India.

The ongoing advance of renewable energy and storage systems globally means that market pressures in the USA towards clean energy solutions will not favour President Trump’s desire to expand coal use in the country.  Ultimately it seems likely that the US will fall behind renewable energy market leaders such as the EU, China and possibly India as they move ahead in transforming towards a clean economy. 


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