The "Climate Action Tracker" is an independent science-based assessment, which tracks the emission commitments and actions of countries. The website provides an up-to-date assessment of individual national pledges, targets and INDCs and currently implemented policy to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing food waste and changing diet could drastically reduce agricultural emissions
23rd January 2018

A new analysis of agricultural emissions by the Climate Action Tracker shows that reducing emissions through changes in farming practices… Read more...

Climate Action Benchmarks : Identifying Paris-consistent pathways for countries, sectors and businesses
18th January 2018

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is developing a new feature: “Climate Action Benchmarks”. The CAT will develop benchmarks based on… Read more...

Ten key sectoral benchmarks in ten years toward the 1.5°C warming limit – Climate Action Tracker analysis published in Climate Policy
6th December 2017

Analysis by the Climate Action Tracker was published in Climate Policy, an international peer-reviewed journal, today. The paper identifies ten… Read more...

Improvement in warming outlook as India and China move ahead, but Paris Agreement gap still looms large
15th November 2017

While US climate policy has been rolled back under President Trump, India and China have moved ahead, making significant progress… Read more...

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