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Climate pledges will bring 2.7°C of warming, potential for more action

With 158 climate pledges now submitted to the UN, accounting for 94% of global emissions, the Climate Action Tracker today confirmed this would result in around 2.7°C of warming in 2100 – if all governments met their pledge. “This level of warming is still well above the agreed limit of read more...

Are governments doing their “fair share”? - New method assesses climate action

Climate Action Tracker assesses government climate proposals on what’s “fair” and holds warming below 2?C.The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) has developed the most comprehensive method yet of simultaneously assessing the “fairness” and “below 2?C compatibility” of government climate action put forward for the Paris Agreement, expected to be adopted in read more...

Country Report Peru

Currently in Peru for the Climate talks, the CAT team has evaluated the current status of Peru, showing emissions projections including and excluding currently implemented policies.

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