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2° be or not 2° be

Limiting global warming below 2degC – or even to below 1.5DegC remains technically and economically feasible, but only with political ambition backed by rapid action starting now, the Climate Action Tracker said today.

Governments set world on more than 3°C warming, still playing with numbers

Governments are still set to send global temperatures above 3°C by 2100, even though their agreed warming limit of 2°C is still technically possible, scientists said today. In this update we discuss the 2°C and 1.5°C limits, the future of the Kyoto Protocol and recent clarifications of Parties’ conditionality to read more...

Emissions and CO2 concentrations at record highs: Developed countries ambition stalled while developing countries gearing up to act

In this update the Climate Action Tracker provides some insights from the workshops and other material presented by countries at the on-going climate talks in Bonn. Despite the recent financial recession, global CO2 emissions in the energy sector grew by 10% overall over the past 5 years, from about 30 read more...

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