Will an in increase in share of renewable power in Brazil and United States be enough to curb emissions to levels consistent with necessary reductions in the countries?


The 20% goal for renewables in the US and Brazilian power sectors is a step in the right
direction. The main positive point is that it is an example of countries agreeing to work
together on their way to low carbon economy. In both, Brazil and the United States long-term
policies ensuring investment stability at the federal level are lacking, thus making the
achievement of these goals questionable. If they were achieved, they would contribute to
emissions reductions from the Brazilian power sector by between 11 and 38 MtCO2 by 2030
and 200 MtCO2 in the USA. In addition to supporting renewables, both countries will have to
implement measures to decrease the reliance on natural gas, also from non-conventional
sources, and coal to achieve the deep decarbonisation in the coming decades, that is suggested
by the most recent IPCC report.

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