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In September 2021 we launched our brand new rating system. Now, we rate a whole range of government actions, instead of our previous, single fair share rating of a government's Paris Agreement target.

We understand there's a lot to take in with this new system. It brings a much deeper level of granularity that takes a deep dive into a number of different aspects of a government's target and its policies, whether its doing its fair share, along with its finance contribution and net zero target.

In our webinar in October 2021 Niklas Höhne and Bill Hare, along with our lead authors Louise Jeffery and Claire Fyson, took you through the details of our new ratings analysis, and explained how to read our new graphics. This is the recording of this session that is available on our YouTube page, please view it in full screen so all the detail is visible. The slides from the presentation are available to download by clicking the attachment above.

Further information


More detail on the various changes to our rating system is available in our methodology section on the webpage as well as in our dedicated briefing paper on the topic. If you wish for a deeper dive into the many details contained in each rating component, please consult our full methodology paper.

Impact on ratings

For more information on how our new system has impacted country ratings, please view this September 2021 global update briefing that details all the changes and the accompanying press release. You can also view details on each of the 40 countries that CAT rates through our main country page.

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