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Will not propose a more ambitious target

Australian Prime Minister Morrison unwilling to commit to a new target

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison failed to respond to a direct question as to whether Australia would increase 2030 target to avoid exceeding 1.5°C, only noting that the country would exceed its 2020 Kyoto target and meet others. Its Environment Minister has stated in December 2018 that the country will not update its 2030 target. In response to media inquiries as to whether the government would offer new commitments, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister stated the country had “already outlined our policies” for 2030.

Australia will only meet its 2020 target due to the carryover of emission reduction units, rather than serious climate policy. The CAT rates Australia’s NDC as ‘Insufficient’. Maintaining the same level of emission reductions in a resubmitted NDC would violate the Paris Agreement that each successive NDC should present a progression beyond the current one.

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