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Did not increase ambition*

Thailand’s updated NDC, submitted on 26 October 2020, is not an improvement on its first submission. It reiterates the 2015 NDC’s overall targets, including its unconditional GHG reduction target of 20% and a conditional target of 25% below BAU level by 2030 (Government of the Kingdom of Thailand, 2020b). The document, unlike the previous submission, provides no details on sectoral targets, although it has developed supporting implementation plans such as the NDC Roadmap on Mitigation and Supportive Action Plan.

The updated NDC notes that Thailand continues to 'explore the potentials' of bilateral, regional, and multilateral market-based cooperation, which could include the use of Article 6. One improvement in the updated NDC is Thailand’s exclusion of LULUCF from its NDC target (the First NDC stated that the inclusion of LULUCF in the target “will be decided later”), as it improves transparency in the target and highlights the need for action in other sectors. A separate target for LULUCF would further strengthen the NDC.

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