G20 - all INDCs in, but large Gap remains


The 2015 G20 Summit, (Turkey, 15-16 November) will see Heads of State and Government meet to discuss, among other issues, development, energy and climate change finance.

All G20 members have presented their “intended nationally determined contributions” or INDCs, to the UNFCCC for the Paris Agreement. The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) has previously assessed each of these INDCs and rated them against a full range of fairness criteria and on whether they are in line with keep warming below 2°C. In addition we assess here the aggregate adequacy of the G20 INDCs when taken together.

None of the G20 INDCs are in line with holding warming below 2°C, or 1.5°C. Taken together, the CAT finds that a very large emissions gap remains.

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