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Will not propose a more ambitious target

Indonesia government wants to focus on existing targets - media reports

Indonesian media report that the government is likely to maintain the current level of emission cuts in its NDC update. A government official stated that Indonesia wants to focus on existing targets which are linked to their economic growth. The document still awaits approval by the line ministries as it is Indonesia’s priority to deal with the crisis resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak.

The CAT rates Indonesia’s NDC as ‘Highly Insufficient’, since most of the NDC emission reductions come from efforts in the forestry sector, and, as a result, emissions from the remaining sectors are expected to increase significantly by 2030. Recent analysis by the CAT shows that by acting in just three key areas, Indonesia could achieve a 20% reduction in emissions below 2010 by 2030, in stark contrast to the projected 58-68% increase in emissions under its NDC.

Maintaining the same level of emission reductions in its NDC update would violate the Paris Agreement that each successive NDC should present a progression beyond the current one.

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