Overall rating
Highly insufficient
Policies & actions
< 3°C World
Internationally supported target
Highly insufficient
< 4°C World
Fair share target
Highly insufficient
< 4°C World
Climate finance
Not applicable
Net zero target

Comprehensiveness not rated as

No target
Land use & forestry
Not significant


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  • Government of Egypt (2017) ‘Egypt’s First Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)’, pp. 1–13. Available at: First/Egyptian INDC.pdf.
  • Gütschow, J. et al. (2021) The PRIMAP-hist national historical emissions time series (1850-2018) (Version 2.2), PRIMAP-hist national historical emissions. Available at:
  • Ministry of Environment of Egypt (2021) ‘During the events of conference of Parties on climate Change(COP26), Minister of Environment launches the Egypt National Climate Change Strategy 2050’. Available at:

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