Overall rating
Critically insufficient

Policies and action
against modelled domestic pathways

Highly insufficient
< 4°C World

Conditional NDC target
against modelled domestic pathways

Highly insufficient
< 4°C World

Unconditional NDC target
against fair share

Critically insufficient
4°C+ World
Climate finance
Not assessed
Net zero target



Comprehensiveness not rated as

No target
Land use & forestry

historically considered a



Mexico does not have a net zero target.

The targets presented in the 2022 NDC update are solely focused on 2030. There is no indication about an update to the Mid-Century Strategy from 2016, a net-zero target or any other long-term target.

For further information on the targets Mexico has adopted, see the targets tab.

Note: We no longer consider Mexico’s mid-century strategy as valid. As part of the court’s ruling revoking the 2020 NDC targets and reinstating the 2016 NDC, Mexico’s 2050 target from its Mid-Century Strategy was also reinstated. We will re-assess our evaluation of this target after there is more clarity.

Good practice

The Climate Action Tracker has defined the following good practice for all ten key elements of net zero targets. Countries can refer to this good practice to design or enhance their net zero targets.

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