Scaling Up Climate Action Series


The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) strives to support enhancing climate action in order to increase mitigation actions that will help close the gap between current emissions projections and pathways compatible with the Paris Agreement.

As part of this, we have been researching the potential for countries to scale up climate action in different focus areas. The analysis in this report is relevant to Parties considering revisions to their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to be submitted under the Paris Agreement by 2020, and also to their submission of long-term low greenhouse gas development plans, also due by 2020.

The result is our Scaling Up Climate Action country series, which identifies options for increased sectoral action that would move a country towards a pathway compatible with the Paris Agreement's long-term temperature limit and estimates the impact of those actions on emissions and other benefits.

Countries covered

The first round of our analysis covers South Africa, the European Union, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey, and Australia.

The consistent method and similar structure for all six reports allows for country-specific insights, while enabling a cross-country comparison to draw general research findings and lessons learnt on global potentials

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